• Australian address auto-complete verification validation geocoding and parsing web service

    Addressify is a cloud based web API that allows web site, web form, mobile app and desktop application developers to easily implement address verification, validation, checking, geocoding, parsing and autocomplete for Australia in their apps.

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    Address Verification

    Australian address validation, verification and checking. Ensures an address is a valid Australian address including unit number, level number and street number. It can also find a true address from an alias or vanity address.
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    Address Parsing

    Easily split any free form address into separate fields eg. building name, unit number, level number, street number, street name, street type, suburb, state and postcode etc. regardless of whether autocomplete is used.
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    Address Geocoding, Reverse Geocoding and Demographics

    Assign a latitude and longitude to an address (or vice versa) as well as a meshblock for integration with ABS sociodemographic data instantly at the point of entry or later.
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    Address Autocomplete

    Provide your users with an Australian address auto complete picklist that returns accurate and intuitive results quickly.
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    Fast, Reliable and Cloud Hosted

    Hosted in multiple Australian Microsoft data centres, with geo-redundancy to ensure uptime even when a server goes offline.
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    Regularly Updated from Government Data

    Address data is updated on a quarterly basis from the official PSMA G-NAF dataset provided by the Australian government. For more information see our FAQ.

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